LeanBiome is a nutritional supplement designed to aid in weight loss by balancing the gut microbiome. The product is formulated with an exclusive combination of probiotic bacteria called the "Lean Bacteria Blend" and Greenselect Phytosome®, a green tea extract that promotes fat burning and reduces fat storage. These ingredients work together to speed up metabolism, reduce hunger and cravings, and promote effective and sustainable weight loss.

LeanBiome stands out from other weight loss products because it addresses the root cause of weight gain: an imbalanced gut microbiome. The presence of "lean bacteria" in the gut can improve metabolism and overall health. The formula also includes inulin, Sphaeranthus indicus, and Garcinia mangostana, which are known for their additional benefits in promoting weight loss and reducing abdominal fat.

The company offers LeanBiome in one, three, and six-month packages, with significant discounts for larger purchases. Each package comes with a 180-day satisfaction guarantee, allowing customers to try the product risk-free. If customers are not satisfied with the results, they can request a full refund even if they have used all the capsules. LeanBiome is vegan, free from gluten, sugar, nuts, soy, crustaceans, and dairy, and contains no GMOs or BPA, ensuring it is safe for most people.

Ivy League Scientists Finally Discover the Root Cause of Belly Fat and Unexplained Weight Gain…

Ever wondered how some people stay so skinny whatever they eat while others pile on the pounds simply by looking at a donut?

Turns out, those skinny types really are the lucky ones, and being overweight isn't your fault. Because according to new Ivy League research, those skinny types are blessed with a 'naturally lean' gut microbiome.

The good news is, anyone can now become naturally lean – including you.

All you need is a lean microbiome!

About LeanBiome

A recent study at the prestigious King's College London looked at 3,600 sets of twins, where one was lean and the other overweight.

The scientists were shocked to find that the lean twins benefitted from a rich and diverse gut microbiome packed full of 'lean bacteria' species that helped to:

Suppress hunger

Dampen cravings,

Fire up the metabolism, and…

Reduce fat storage,

On the flip side, the gut microbiome of the overweight twins was less diverse and dominated by a few species of "fat bacteria" that was shown to:

Ramp up hunger

Fuel uncontrollable cravings,

Freeze the metabolism, and…

Increase fat storage!

The Director of the Stanford University Microbiome Therapies Initiative called it: "the clearest evidence to date that gut bacteria can cause weight gain."

And a growing body of research from Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and many more world-class scientific institutions now shows that repopulating your gut microbiome with the right kind of 'lean bacteria' species leads to a lean and healthy body.

The best part?

New scientific studies have now identified the most powerful 'lean bacteria' species needed to do this so that anyone can become naturally lean.

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